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As the Year draws to a close we need your help!

Dear Friends, The Animals at the Commonwealth Humane Society, really needs your help.

During the past year we have achieved so much, and saved so many dogs and cats, but the expense has drained us dry and now we need your help to carry on the work that is so desperately needed, now the weather has turned chilly.

We just wrapped up helping the devastated rescues and shelters in South Carolina, and I am proud to say that despite being one of the smallest rescues in the area, we made a big difference, way beyond our size. We supplied new kennels and dog houses, lots of cat and dog food, cleaning materials, every type of supply that was needed to help the worst hit get back on their feet.
What I have not been able to do is to write and thank all the donors who gave to help the flood victims in South Carolina. Unfortunately just as the flood assistance program was winding down my cardiac problems became much more serious and once again I had to go into hospital for surgery. Clearly the extreme stress of the flood relief assistance was a factor, but when the need is greatest I know our friends and supporters will do all they can, so one does what one can.
Currently we have 4 dogs undergoing Heartworm treatment, and I am sure you know how expensive that is. CHS is one of the few rescues that will take on HW positive dogs, and we took on quite a few during 2015, and they all survived. Previous batches are now testing negative and their adopters could not be more pleased. Now we need to wrap up the treatment for the remaining dogs and that takes money, frankly over $1,000 per dog. Can you help us?
In addition we need winter rated dog houses, which together with heating elements cost over $250. Each and that is a discounted price. Again, can you help us?

All of this combined with the fact that our revenues have dropped dramatically these past few years, CFC alone is down 90%, means we need your help like never before.

With us, neither cat, nor dog goes without; we spare nothing to ensure their health and comfort, all the while helping others up and down the east coast.
In 2015, yet again we have supplied over 50,000 pounds of supplies to needy shelters and rescues without taking anything for ourselves. While most of the items are donations, we have had to bear the brunt of the collection and distribution expense, and that has added up to a considerable sum.

For your convenience and financial safety you may donate through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account of your own. These are both very secure and you can use any credit card or checking account in total safety. One way is to log onto our website www.Humane.Pro and press the donate button.

The second method is to go directly to the PayPal website and direct the monies to Chris.Haslam@Humane.Pro. In either case please be sure to state that this is a gift and PayPal will waive the customary fees. Good old fashioned checks are also welcome, please send them to The Commonwealth Humane Society - 11837 Waples Mill Road, Oakton, VA 22124

I trust that you had a healthy and hearty Thanksgiving and that the remainder of the holiday season will bring you and your loved ones great joy and hopefully not too many calories.

Thank You.

Chris C. Haslam

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